Quilt Show and Luncheon Announced

The Shelby County Historical Society will be piecing stories together for this year’s annual quilt show, as this year’s theme is “Quilts That Tell a Story.”
“So much of what we do here focuses on telling the story of our communities through the objects in our museum, so this year’s theme allows us to tell those stories that often go unheard, the reasons for the quilt being made itself, or the owner of the quilt and how it was used,” Sarah Newkirk, assistant director, said.
“So many quilts are handed down to family members, and we’ve heard so many stories that are given along with them. This will give us a chance to share those stories.”
The show will also be held later than it has in recent years, beginning June 19 and ending on July 28.
Quilts can be dropped off on May 15, along with a short write-about about the history or story behind the quilt itself. The drop off date ends June 2, and set up begins June 16 and 17.
If you have questions about the exhibit, would like to display your quilt or are available to volunteer for setting the exhibit up, please contact the museum, 317-392-4634.
In conjunction with the quilt show, the museum will also be hosting a quilt luncheon.
The luncheon will be held July 21. The Grover Museum’s website will be updated with the menu
To RSVP to the luncheon, contact the museum by July 7. 